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As the mobile phone develop, comes with the bloom of mobile phone accessories market. Hundreds of models from different manufacturers are hitting the market almost every month. Similarly, the functions of the new generation mobiles are also getting much more user friendly and are offering irresistible features that one could only imagine in their dreams, a couple of years back. Even the cell phone users are also continuously changing their older mobiles as soon as a new model hits the market. Keeping in mind the rapid changes in the technology of mobile phones, manufacturers of mobile phone accessories are also getting futuristic and are coming up with innovative ideas such as custom made mobile cases, green batteries, fold able screens etc. The following information will provide some emphasis on the future mobile accessories.

Some of the futuristic accessories that will be available in the near future:

Custom made mobile cases: Many people who are on the lookout for the latest models in cell phones are also equally interested in making their mobile cases stand apart from that of the others. They want their mobile cases to be custom made as per their recommendations in order to suit their individual personalities. There are manufacturers who take orders and design these cases quite vividly depending on their customer’s choice. In the future it would be possible to order mobile cases with family photos, text layers and a variety of effects that make the design of the case unique.

Human Body chargers: This innovative technology in recharging the battery of a mobile phone has left many people spell-bound. This technology makes use of the heat generated when one rubs his/her palms against each other to recharge the mobile’s battery. These Human Body chargers are all set to hit the market soon. With this kind of technology at our doorsteps there is no need to panic even if one has discovered that he/she has left the mobile charger in the hotel room.

Foldable Screens: This is yet another remarkable improvement in the field of mobile phone accessories that will take on the market soon. With this latest development, people will be able to watch their favourite movies and videos on a high resolution mobile screen of 30 inches!! This is made possible with the help of the fold able screens. The screen when unfolded turns into a 30 inch monitor and when folded, squeezes to 3 inches. On 2019, foldable screen will be show in CES fair, Las vegas.

Charge your mobile on the go: This new approach of charging your mobile is still being explored by the manufacturers of mobile accessories. This type of charging involves chargers that are attached to the shoes which get recharged while one is walking or jogging. The main principle involved in this type of charging is making use of the heat energy produced during walking or running to recharge the battery.

Medical stylus: This pen like mobile accessory gives a mobile phone the capability to learn the health condition of its owner. Stylus will also help the mobile to detect the body temperature as well as sickness of the mobile phone holder. It does not stop there!! Stylus also suggests you with the best medical treatment possible to cure your disease. A medical stylus is capable of achieving all this by syncing its disease recognition software with that of one’s mobile phone.

Though some of these futuristic mobile accessories may take some time before they hit the market, but once they do, we will be definitely on the verge of one more technology.

Jamsong case factory will close keep eyes on the phone accessory market, and develop good products for our customers. If you have idea, just contact us, we can realize for you.

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