Customized Leather Case

Your Brand is the promise and experience you deliver to your client. Customized make you different from competitors.

Our base is in China, with the advantage that mature supply chain around us, and there are thousands of products for you to choose, instantly. So customized your own style of phone case can be available. Of course, in a easy and cost effective way.  What’s more, we offer value-add services like: Embroidery,Emboss and printing, you can let your brand permeate into your customer’s mind with ease and comfort.

IMD Phone Case-Blue Light

Customized IMD Case

Low MOQ, Quick Delivery!

What’s the meaning of “IMD Phone Case“? It means phone case apply IMD technology which called In-mold decoration
technology.Phone case made by IMD technology, the object image film was in TPU. It can make your phone cases:
> Unique touch, feel, and texture.
> Clear design and not easy to be faded.
> Durable and scratch-resistant.
It is widely used for Business Brand promotion, activities promotion,etc.
Here at Jamsong case factory, you can start your own design from 200PCS, sampling is free!

We can customized IMD phone case for most type of mobile phones. You only have to contact our sales and tell us your requirements. We will give you solution instantly.

UV Printing Phone Case

Customized your imagic with UV printing

Low MOQ, good quality!

UV printing by high quality printing machine, give you best quality printing quality. Ideal for promotional, activities and branding.

Reguar Pattern of Wood Phone Case In Stock

Customized Phone Case

Low MOQ of 50PCS, Quick delivery of 5days!

Real wood phone cases made from bamboo wood, walnut wood,padauk wood and white maple with a soft rubberized TPU shell on the sides to give your phone maximum protection. Create your own wooden phone case with a picture, text or logo or select from our range of inspirational phone cases. Make your own brand style of wood phone case from us is available. Low quantity and quick delivery! Most models of phone is available, just contact our sales to confirm.